Google Gmail Service Made More Advancement 285

Google Gmail Service Made Advancement

Google Gmail Service Made Advancement

Among different services Google Gmail Service Made Advancement in it. Google is a leading technology  service  platform through out the world. It is making more advancement day by day in its service. On that extent Google Gmail Service Made More Advancement.

With the help of this Gmail users now will have the ability to receive and open file attachments up to 50-MB. This wonderful update will definitely double the attachment space of 25-MB limit.

Google Gmail Service Made More Advancement
Google Gmail Service Made More Advancement

Meanwhile Google Drive offered another way to share files of different sizes along with this service. Most of the time user will receive large files as direct e-mail attachments and no need to save it on the google drive first.

But this service in not so easy. Users will still be bounded to 25-MB. However, when somebody will need to send large attachments, Google suggests e-mailing a link to documents stored in Google Drive.

Google’s Administrator said that, “Gmail account holders are limited on the number of messages they can receive per minute, hour, and day. The limit is to keep Google’s systems healthy and user accounts safe. With the help of this service, Gmail users can receive up to 86,400 e-mails per day, 3,600 e-mails per hour and 60 messages per minute.

Google Said that “Setting up the account to receive frequent automated messages, such as log files, increases the likelihood of reaching the limits. If an account reaches the limit, a user cannot receive any new e-mail and may experience general account degradation, such as slow searching. All incoming messages are bounced or deferred back to the sender.”

By doing so, technical expert believe that their daily work would become more easy to track. User will have more enough space in sending or receiving the e-mails or linked files more easily and speedily. Really it’s going to become more helpful if Google perfectly provide this service to every single one with more ease.

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