History of Noor Mehal

Noor Mahal
History of Noor Mehal Noor Mahal is one of the monuments in Punjab and is the Italian styled palace of Nawab Sir Muhammad Sadiq who was the 5th ruler of Bahawalpur State. It is among the most exquisite buildings of Pakistan and was specifically meant for Nawab. Though, he never lived for a single day in Noor Mahal because of the proximity to Basti Maluk Graveyard.

History of Noor Mehal,Noor Mahal was supervised by a British Engineer Mr. Heenan and this palace was used as guest house for state nobilities. Cabinet meetings were also organized here by Nawab and the notable guests were allowed for visit. For some time in Nawab reigns the palace was used as state court where Nawab used to address the courtiers. This stunning palace was built in the middle of a beautiful garden having a fountain and water tank. Elegant carpets are covering its verandahs and Noor Mahal walls are decorated with beautiful paintings and ornaments most of which are made by western artists.

It is a two storey palace having exquisite furniture’s and tremendous fixtures like cupboards and chandeliers. It is rich with beautiful collection of arms few of the muskets and swords were displayed on walls. A beautiful mosque exactly like the Atichison College was also added. In 1999 this palace was used as an army club and is still in army’s possession. It is a Hotel a park and a museum attracting millions of visitors each year. School, colleges and university trips are arranged to this historical palace every year
Noor Mahal (Noor Palace) is a palace located in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Built in 1875 AD, the palace is nearly one hundred and fifty years old, and, is the most recent monument in Punjab to be notified under the Antiquities Act. The state of Bahawalpur was merged in Pakistan in 1956 AD and control of the palace was given to Dep. of Auqaf under the Antiquities Act. It was locked under a judicial order but not before most of its rich holdings were smuggled out. Its furniture, carpets, paintings and crockery were sold almost all over the country

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