Industrial Revolution of Cosmetics Industry on Pakistan 369

Industrial Revolution of Cosmetics Industry on Pakistan

Industrial Revolution of Cosmetics Industry on Pakistan:

Pakistan is a developing country that is why Industrial Revolution of Cosmetics Industry on Pakistan is more demanded. Most of the population is poor and lives in villages. Use of cosmetics and beauty products depends on class profession and economic condition.Women in the cities are conscious about their beauty.

There are large numbers of slimming centers and health clubs in cities. The middle class ladies are also fond of beautification and use a large number of costly imported cosmetics. 

Industrial Revolution:

Pakistan is also making a lot of products of cosmetics in Karachi and swat. The products of Pakistan are cheep and high quality but our society and women only depend on imported cosmetics. In the past, women who lived in villages did not care for their make – up and artificial beauty.

The only used mehndi, Dandasa,Ubtan, Surma and local powder. They used butter in their hair. These all items were easy to use .So they looked very beautiful and had no time for make up. But now with the passage of time women have become conscious and use imported cosmetics in the festivals like marriages or Eids.
Unfortunately today women have forgotten the religious restrictions and destroy the inner beauty and lead the life of vice. They only use cosmetics to impress other people. They only use cosmetics when they are out of their homes. In short women should give more attention to spiritual beauty than physical beauty .

Cosmetics products represent wide variety of substances that can change the look and smell of our bodies. If you ever wanted to find out more about how they are made, here is the perfect place to do so,
Unilever Pakistan’s personal-care business spans skin cleansing, skin care, hair care and oral care products, including Lux, Sunsilk, Dove, Lifebuoy, Pond and Fair & Lovely. We are market leaders in most of these categories. The total branded market for these segments is more than Rs80bn in size, growing at approximately 15pc every year”.

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