Latest Asian Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs 2017

Latest Asian Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs 2017:

Applying henna on the hands and feet is known as Mehndi and here we will talk about Latest Asian Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs 2017. It is a very old tradition from sub-continent. Indian weddings considered as  incomplete without the bridal Mehndi event.

Beautiful Latest Asian Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs 2017 includes variety of design. One can choose these designs on hands, ankles and arms in a stylish way. Now a day’s both men and women draw tattoos instead of mehendi.

Types of Latest Asian Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs 2017:

Their are four types of mehndi designs for bridal. These are classical bridal, star bridal, elegant bridal and royal bridal mehendi.

People are now choosing tattoos to fulfill their Mehndi needs because it is a time consuming one. These tattoo can stuck around ankles, arms, back, hands and feet. Mehndi artists take a picture of whatever Mehndi designs they make to display to their clients so that they can have an idea about how their bridal Mehndi will look.

On day of wedding the Latest Asian Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs 2017:

The beautiful red color is done after washing. The color is prominent depending on the thickness of the your skin and on where the design is located. The designs stay long when less exposed to water or soap etc. On wedding day, go for easy and complete bridal Mehndi designs that can be made on your hands and feet.

It usually takes many hours to get a good henna stain on your skin and that stain is not a harmful one. The shade varies according to the quality of the henna powder. Quality henna design will last at least minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 4 weeks. The Mehndi drawn using henna prepared specially comes in beautiful red color and mostly Pakistani brides prefer to match this with their wedding costumes which will be rich red or maroon red dress in golden embroidered work.

Many type of mehndi designs have become familiar in the recent wedding season and the period is still continue.

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