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Latest Nail Art

Latest Nail Art:

The last few decades have seen further innovations and fashions in Western Latest Nail Art. Manufacturers have created quick-drying polishes targeted at women with active lifestyles, and the range of colors available has multiplied.

From the 1980 onward brightly colored polish has been available in unusual colors ranging from ice-cream pastels to gunmetal gray, along with polishes that contain built-in decorations such as glitter or tiny metallic stars. In 1995 Chanel brought these colors firmly into the mainstream when it launched a deep black-red polish. “Vamp” continued the Hollywood connection when the actress Uma Thurman in the film Pulp Fiction wore it that same year.

Nail Art Market Strategy:

Latest Nail Art Priced at $15 a bottle, Chanel’s polish helped to create a market for high-priced nail products and paved the way for the success of companies like Urban Decay and Hard Candy-which made huge profits from manufacturing odd experimental colors for nails. In 1998 the American JENAI Lane created “mood nail polish” which is designed to change color according to body temperature-in reflection of one’s mood

Over $6 billion is spent on services in American nail salons every year and the art of the manicurist has become increasingly prized worldwide in Latest Nail Art category. Men as well as women are now regular clients since well-kept hands are considered to be an important part of a professional image. New technologies have also resulted in more realistic-looking acrylic nails and nail extensions, which are attached with glue adhesives and glue tabs. At the fantasy end of the market, fingernails and toenails have become a natural canvas for the expression of creative imagination.

Nail art is often stunningly elaborate-nails can be sculpted, stenciled, pierced, and of course painted with intricate designs. Competitions such as the Nail Olympics held annually in Las Vegas honor the art of the manicurist-as a latter-day miniaturist painter-and indicate the growing professionalization of the industry. In Britain and the United States, contemporary Latest Nail Art resonates particularly with black culture.

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