Makeup Enhance Beauty 22

Makeup Enhance Beauty

Makeup and Beauty:

Makeup is the main source to look beautiful and charming because Makeup Enhance Beauty. As we know girls always want to look beautiful than anyone else. They always want to look gorgeous and pretty in every event.

Let’s talk about the makeup of girls. As we know girls will not leave the home without makeup. Girls and women always use cosmetic products to look pretty. As we know this is a wedding season. So there is three main event of wedding Mehndi, Barat and Reception and all they become great because Makeup Enhance Beauty.


In mehndi, Bridal do not use high fashion makeup, bridal just use face powder  with blush on and light lipstick with fresh flower jewelry. Girls also use light fashion makeup like face powder, B.B cream with blush on and lip gloss. They mostly wear jewelry of fresh flower and bangles. Women often use base with lipstick.


In Barat, Bridal use a high makeup like base, lip liner, dark lipstick, blush on, eye shade and also con tore her face . Makeup Enhance Beauty term really described by that bridals and girls that follow one rule which is that if they use dark lipstick they use light eye shade and vice versa. Same as women they  use base, dark lipstick of red and like to use mehroon color  and light eye shade. Girls mostly use B.B cream with dark lipstick.


Finally on Reception day once again Makeup Enhance Beauty of the bridal and girls. Both wants to look like barbie doll. Bridal use light makeup, light lipstick, light blush on and light eye shade. On the other hand women use base and dark lipstick. Girls also wants to look pretty so, they use foundation with blush on and lip gloss with jewelry headpiece, pendant and bangles.

Now if we talk about party makeup. Girls mostly use B.B cream, foundation with lipstick and lip gloss of light color. Women use base with dark lipstick of red color. There are some name of cosmetic companies like Attitude, Swift, Mac and Mayblline etc. Both women and girls look descent in party makeup by using related fashion makeup because they clearly know that only Makeup Enhance Beauty.

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