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Coral is very famous gem, it is tasteless, its effect is hard and dry , it is found in the base of ocean. Marjan outer layer is very hard and due to water its effects is also hard. It is combination of iron and calcium carbonate. Coral has different name in different languages which are very famous in some Asian countries in India, Iran and etc.


In Sanskrit language, it is called as parwal.


Its English name is coral.


Its urdu name is moonga and Marjan pathar .


There are its name in Hindi, it’s also called doream.


It’s also called based in Persian.

Ocean Gem:

In Arabic, it’s called ocean gem.
Cemical ingrediants of coral stone:

Following chemical ingredients are found in coral; Calcium , magnesium , Silica , pirate , iron, corm and iron oxide , calcium and iron are in excess amount in marjan .

Birth Place In Coral Stone:

Some gem are jewels are born in stone but coral is found in water. It’s like the nest of honey which stick which the stone in the base of ocean and grows ,Its branches have leaves are flower but have a root. The high quality of coral is found in the seasides in Italy.

The Indentification Of Coral/ Coral Ki Pehchan:

This is only stone which can’t be make real or fake . If this stone is burned in the fire of with much than it becomes aches and this ache is used as powder.

Religiou Status:

Coral has very value in Hinduism, they considers this gem very pious. The Hindu women use it very much from the religious point of view .

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