Shalamar Garden 351

Shalamar Garden

Shalamar Garden:

Beautiful Shalamar Garden is located in lahore. The city is famously known as the city of gardens as you will see a number of eye catching gardens in this historic city. Some of the gardens are newly constructed but the main beauty of the city is with its historic gardens which are still well maintained and give a charismatic visual appeal to the visitors.

The historic Shalamar Garden is one top tourist attraction in the city which has historic relevance. It is also famously known as the ‘Shalamar Gardens’. The gardens are part of the Mughal era which was completed in a record time of 1 year in 1642.


The site of the historic Shalimar Gardens was the property of Arain Mian Family of Baghbanpura. Shah Jahan rewarded them with the ‘Mian’ royal title for its services and contribution to the then Mughal Empire. The head of the family, Mian Muhammad Yusuf surrendered the property of to the Mughal Empire as he was pressurized by the Royal engineers.

They were interested in that particular location because of its ideal positioning and the quality of the soil. But, Shah Jahan as a return favor granted the Mian family with the governance of Shalimar Gardens. It remained under their governance for nearly 350 years.

Buildings of the gardens:

The Shalimar Gardens are not just all about greenery and fountains but it also has a range of buildings with stunning architecture which is worth having a look at.

The buildings were constructed for different purposes that serve the Royal family and the visitors of the time as well. The building structures in the Shalimar Gardens include the following:
• Sawan Bhadun Pavilion
• Aiwan (The Grand Hall)
• Hammam (The Royal Bath)
• Naqar Khana
• Aramgah (The Resting Place)
• Begum Sahib Khawabgah (Bedroom of the Emperor’s wife)
• Diwan-e-Khas-o-Aam (Hall for the ordinary and special visitors to the Emperor)
• Baradaries (The summer pavilions for enjoying nearby fountain coolness)
• 2 Gateways
• Minarets situated at the corners of the garden

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